How to change button on Feedback Master slide

Hello guys,

I am trying to change the button in the Feedback master slides and nothing happens. The button remains almost the same design but the size is a little bit different. 

I meant the button "Continue" on the Correct Feedback and Incorrect Feedback layouts. At the attachment you can find screenshot of the SL360 button and the published one. 


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Mikhail Mumlev

Hello Crystal,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I'd like the buttons on the feedback layers to be automatically adjusted when I change width and color of the buttons on the Feedback master slides.

When I make changes to the Master slides the buttons on the feedback layers are not changed at all.

Mikhail Mumlev

Alyssa, thank you for the video. I did all the same things as you had shown on the video with the same results. But I have more than 300 questions and it'll be awful to change more than 600 buttons on all correct and incorrect layers. Are there any other ways to change buttons automatically?