How to change font in fill-in-the-blank response box.

Jan 05, 2016

How do I change the font in a fill-in-the-blank answer box in Storyline 2? I've tried changing the font to Arial within the box and in the master slides, but it always reverts back to Perpetua.

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Lisa Ramsey

Thanks for your reply. I looked at the website, but my issue persists. I've added fonts within the Master Slide area and changed the font in the Master slides, but when I return to the individual slide it remains the same. I then changed the slide text box font, and saved the file, if I open the file again it has reverted back. Let me know if you have any other ideas.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Lisa -- Thanks for your reply, and so sorry to hear that issues persist! Would it be possible for you to share your file so that we are able to take a closer look at what you are seeing? Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and browse/upload from there. 

I also wanted to note as you appear to have replied via email that the phone number in your signature is displayed publicly here in the thread, so you are welcome to use the EDIT button beneath your post to remove that information if you wish. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Lisa -- Yes, when you reply via email, your response is shared over in the thread itself as you can see by clicking on this link. I should note, however, when you reply via email, any attachments you attempt to send will not be accessible in the thread or otherwise, so you would need to go to the thread itself to use the ADD ATTACHMENT steps I shared above, and then it would be visible to the community (which is great for lots of input and ideas). 

If you have confidential client content and would prefer not to share your file publicly, you have two other options to have your case reviewed by a staff member. You can either use this form to submit, and myself or one of the other Community Moderators will pick it up from a special queue as soon as possible. Or, if there is a timecrunch and you need immediate assistance, our 24 hour Customer Support Engineers would be able to take a look for you, and here is the other form you could use to send in your case. The choice is yours! :)

In the meantime, I would go ahead and give Phil's suggestion a try and let us know if that will work for you or if you still need more help! 

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