How to change Layouts for "Incorrect" response on MC Quiz Question

Jan 03, 2013


Totally baffled.  I want to change the Layout of the master for the Incorrect
response to Multiple Choice Questions. I've tried a ton of things but can't
get the one I want once set to save so that it loads automatically when
I do the New Slide--> Quizzer--> Multiple Choice sequence. 
I seem to have to adjust each individual question which is killing me.
Any help? 

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Bruce Graham

Hi Ted,

Perhaps this thread will help.

Set up a New Master called "MultipleChoiceMaster" (or whatever), and then just apply it. Not sure it be done "automatically", but certainly just one click per question when set up.

Hope this helps and that I have understood correctly.


Ted Hildebrandt

I'm still not able to get it (must be dense)
Okay I get the question going and call up the "Incorrect" answer
then I select "edit" from the upper right Feedback Master (this is where I get lost)
So I move things and edit it changing the color of fonts etc.

Now what do I do? 
I don't know how to save it and then call it back
up when doing the next question. 

I have renamed them but when I call up what I thought i did
I don't get the new one I just built. 

Can you walk me through step by step.  Thanks!

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