How to change the appearance and properties of the "resume where you left off" slide.

Hello, We'd like to change the background color of the "resume where you left off" slide. I’ve gone through the player settings, and the advanced color settings for our particular color scheme, but I am not able to find the properties for this particular slide. How do you change the settings and colors for the “resume where you left off” slide?

Below is a screenshot of our current slide, and also the slide we are trying to achieve. Properties of what we want to achieve for this slide:

  • Lighter background
  • Smaller font for the “resume” dialog box
  • Buttons with rounded corners
  • No player buttons for this particular slide

Below is a snapshot of the settings I’ve gone through:

I've also attached a sample Storyfile.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi J.W,

Happy to help! 

You are in the right place in regards to changing the color! To change the resume prompt colors, you will want to focus on the Notification Window in the advanced color editing items: 

This chart below will help identify what each setting will change:

You can find more details on the Classic Player Colors here: Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 Classic Player Colors

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

J. W.

Thank you so much Vincent! I should have clarified, the background color I'd like to change is actually the background color of the slide that is behind the Resume window that appears (highlighted in red below)

Background color I

I also wanted to ask if you know how to change the shape of the buttons in the player? I'm not able to find the settings to change this. Below is a screenshot of our current player buttons which have squared corners. We'd like to make the buttons have rounded corners. From what I've read, changing these shapes might require Flash coding, but I wanted to check to see if there might be settings I could change to make the shapes have rounded corners?

Thanks again!

Lauren Connelly

Hi J.W.

Thank you for sharing these creative mockups!

We don't have a built-in setting for customizing the "Prompt to Resume" slide or customizing the shape of the buttons in the Player.

Coding this would be the way to go! Unfortunately, coding is not my specialty so I'll have to hand this over to the coding experts in the community!

Bob Mongiovi

I don't know the coding to make this happen, but if you go this route, you most likely have to apply it to published content.  Meaning, every time you publish, you have to repeat the changes.  

If you ever hand off your project to someone else, or someone else takes over, most likely those manual changes won't happen.

If anyone in the community knows if you can add javascript somewhere, like in a slide master, that would do this automatically, that would be more beneficial.  Not sure it's possible though.