How to change the callout color in software simulations?

I'm new to using Storyline 2 for creating software simulations. Is there a way I can change the color of the callouts SL2 automatically creates? Is there a setting I should use before I capture, or can I change the callouts globally after I capture or after I create a view, try, or test mode scene?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stuart! You can certainly adjust this setting after you have created a view, try, or test mode scene. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to the Design tab

2. Click the Colors drop-down

3. Right-click the theme and select Edit (If you haven't chosen a color theme yet, select Create New Theme Colors at the bottom of the list)

4. Change the Accent 1 color (this will change the color of the callouts globally)

5. Click Save

Stuart Rosen

Alyssa, I have another screen capture question. Let me know if you think I should start a new discussion with this.

When I create a Try mode scene, in this case from a PPT capture, the slides show the gray hover highlighting that displays when the mouse moves to a ribbon item, drop-down choice, etc. How can I keep that from showing, other than by tweaking each slide using Action Fine Tuning?


Crystal Horn

Hey there, Stuart.  I'm not aware of a way other than using the Action Fine Tuning feature to capture a different frame of your screen recording for Try mode.  It sounds like Storyline picked up on all those motions at the frame which would be too revealing to your learners- probably something you wanted to avoid.

Sorry I couldn't give you another shortcut!