How to change the direction of the Zoom function

I have a zoom sequence that I had mad that zooms in, pauses and zooms in again further. 

On my first attempt, it worked great and the zoom went closer to the image (a window), however when I copied and pasted the effect to apply to other slides, it zoomed in and then zoomed out. 

How is the direction of Zoom determined? is it automatic or changeable? 

I can fiddle with it to get it to happen as lucky as I was last time, or remove the pause, but wouldn't there be a way of determining zoom in or out?

Any help is appreciated.  

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Ren Gomez

Hi Rachael,

This user guide on zooms should give you a quick overview of how the zoom feature works. It looks like you may have used consecutive zooms to create an initial zoom, and then the second zoom went into the image even further.

The zoom-out will take place if your zoom region ends before the end of the timeline. Hope this helps clarify the function!