How to change the slide the Time Exceeded OK button links to

I have a test that has a time limit. When the user exceeds the time, and selects OK, it takes them to the last slide in the file, which is a pass slide. I need it to go to a different slide.

Can I edit this in any way to go to a Fail slide instead? 

This state mandated test, and is uniquely programmed because of the way the learners are scored on 11 different sections and an overall score, so I need that last slide where it currently is. Any ideas? Can this be changed in any way? 

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Danielle Watkins


Thank you so much. This makes total sense. Two questions: 

  1. For this to work, I need a timing (for the entire exam of 3 hours). I don't know of a trigger that would run across slides and time them out at 3 hours. I think I can only use the "timeline reaches" on one particular slide. This is why I opted to use the timing on the results slide. 
  2. If I can find a solution to item #1, then, if I use this technique, I believe I  would turn off the timing options in the Results Slide. 

Any thoughts? 

Tom Kuhlmann

Some LMS can manage the time for things like this. That's usually the better place to look.

Without that, I guess you could build a timer using a variable and then that value would be available over the entire course. Add the timer to the slide masters and then it works regardless of the slide as long as it's using the master with the timer.

Here's a video that shows one way.

Danielle Watkins

No go on the LMS side. My client is using Litmos and it doesn't have anything unless you create the assessment in there (which we can't do because of the unique scoring Massachussets requires for this exam). 

I might try the timer. That may be a solution that works. Thanks for helping!!