How to change the state of a button when the initial state is disabled

Hi, I am new to Storyline2 and am working with a main menu slide that has several "section" buttons. Because the course is linear in nature, I have all but the first button "disabled" as the initial state. Once the user completes that first section, the Section1 button changes to "visited" automatically and the Section2 button changes to normal due to a trigger.

What I am having trouble with is figuring out how to make the Section2 button state change to "visited" when the user returns to the menu page to select Section3. Do I need a second trigger for the Section2 button and if so, how do I configure it so it is distinct from the one that enables it to show as normal.

I have tried several ways of configuring triggers and variables but have not found anything that works.

Does anyone have experience with this and can let me know how to do it?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Molly!

Welcome to the community! The visited state is built in and should automatically update when the button is clicked. If you want the state to change only upon revisiting, then you may need to use a custom state, and have it trigger upon revisiting the slide.

You can share your .story file as Wendy stated for us to take a look.