How to change the title of printed results

Dear Heros,

I want to change the headlines of the printed results. It is relativly easy to change the names in "report.html" after exporting the course.

Everything is fine and translated into the language I want - but I can not change the title. It's still "Results". I am able to change the title that is refered as browser-title. But I am not able to change the headline on the printable site.

Do you know what I have to change to rename the title "Results" that is refered twice on the print out (on top and above the detailed feedback)?

Thank you in advance!

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Dennis Hall

Hi Boris:

The 2 Results headings are variables defined for use in the report.html file.

This is why you do not see them as being configurable in the player dialogue.

The variable names are: "g_strResult1" and "g_strResult2".

The good news is that this is an html file so you could have a programmer perform a string replace function for the variables in that file.

My understanding is that you want these to be dynamic (based on the published language).

You should open a feature request for this to happen officially, however, to get what you want soon, edit the following lines in the results.html file of your published output:

Line 28: var g_strResult1 = "Result" (change "Result" to "what you want")

Line 31: var g_strResult2 = "Result" (change "Result" to "what you want")

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Boris Wesemann

Dear Dennis, 

Thank you for your promt reply!

I don't need dynamic language changes. Would have been great, but to change the HTML-File "report.html" is also fine for me. But for the two "Results" it's not working.

I changed everything into Chinese and it works fine, but not for this two words "Results". 

Here are my changes from line 26 to 37:

var g_strDateTime = "日期"

var g_strStudentScore = "你的得分"

var g_strPassingScore = "及格分数"

var g_strResult1 = "反馈"

var g_strQuestion = "场景"

var g_strCorrectAns = "正确答案"

var g_strResult2 = "反馈"

var g_strStudentAns = "您的答案"

var g_strPointsAwarded = "积分"

var g_strNeutral = "积分"

var g_strCorrect = "正确"

var g_strIncorrect = "不正确"

In the output the word "Results" won't change. See attached PDF. 

I am no expert in HTML, but I think I have to change this line (296) in addition to change the headline:

document.write("<P><H1>" + strTitle + "</H1></P>");

But I don't know how...

Boris Wesemann

Thank you for your help! It helps me to find this solution:

I was right, that changing line 296 helps. But in first try I have forgotten the quotation marks next to my "free text":
document.write("<P><H1>" + "反馈" + "</H1></P>"); 

Second "Results" you can overwrite that way is in line 152.

By the way: To be able to display Chinese letters you need to add this line in your head:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

Khusairi Che Husin


Since we have those three variable below; we can show the selected and the correct one. I hope u can give a hand on this matter.

var g_strQuestion = "Question"

var g_strCorrectAns = "Correct Answer"

var g_strStudentAns = "Student Answer"


But i would like to know can we display all the answer option? not only selected and correct only?

list all the answer option