How to collate selected objects from 3 slides into one new slide

I am working on a tool which is working fine up to the last stage which requires the user to select from a range of objects, having done this they go to the two next pages and do the same. Having completed this exercise the following page needs to display their selected objects. Is this possible?

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Cary Glenn

Sorry there isn't any backwards compatibility. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Create a True/False variable for each selectable object and set it to false.
  2. Create a trigger to change the variable to true when each object is clicked.
  3. Copy and paste each object onto the final slide and set them to hidden.
  4. Create a trigger on each object on the final slide to:
    1. Action: Change state of
    2. On Object: the object
    3. To State: Normal
    4. When: Timeline States
    5. Object: Slide
    6. On Condition: Variable Name == Equal to True

I hope this helps.