How to collect data entry field content across a course


I've got a 5 section course that is sitting on my Learndash LMS. There are a number of data entry fields across the 5 sections, with the inputted content to be used in the follow up face to face session.

How can I go about collecting all the different content from the 5 different sections into the final 'End of Course' section? Is it possible to collect inputs from different courses into one place?




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Matthew Bibby
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Is it possible to collect inputs from different courses into one place?

Are you using SCORM or Tin Can API?

Doing this isn't possible with SCORM.

It should be with Tin Can API, but you'll need to be comfortable with JavaScript to be able to set it up (i.e. you'll need to write the code to grab the inputs, it isn't something SL can do for you).

Pankaj Agrawal

Hi @Matthew,

The sending part would be pretty much code-free if you are using a software like GrassBlade xAPI Companion. You will also need an LRS (like GrassBlade Cloud LRS) that hosts all the data. 

To pull back data from the LRS, it will depend on the coding language and the environment you have. 

If you are using GrassBlade xAPI Companion on WordPress, you could pull the data code-free using a shortcode:

[get_statement activity="" show="result.response"]

You need to replace with the actual object id of the statement. 

You can replace result.response with another element if you want to show any other element of the statement. 

If you want to customize what you want to show, and if it is not possible with shortcode, then you can do a little bit of coding. The data from LRS can be pulled using function get_statement 

I can help if you face any issues.

If you need custom development services, you can email to support at 

(from GrassBlade)