How to connect to question banks?

I am playing around with an interactive quiz using a "Target Range" theme. My aim (no pun intended) is for the user to choose a target from a choice of varying values - near target is worth 50pts, furthest away 200pts. The aim is for the user to score the most points with only 3 shots. I want to link the targets to question banks containing 3 questions for each target, e.g. a "50pts" question bank, "100pts" question bank, etc. I have created the Target Range (home) slide and 4 x Question Banks but cannot work out how to link each target on the home slide to the relevant question bank. Where am I going wrong?

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Wanda Blackett

Hi Andrew,

You're almost there! After the Target Range (home) slide, click to add a new slide. Then select from the Quizzing tab to "Draw From Bank." Choose what bank you wand to use, and how many questions to include.

More detailed instructions here:


Andrew Smith

Thank you Wanda, sometimes I think I expect it to be more complicated than it actually is

So now my quiz is working great.......... up until I click on the same target twice. The user gets 3 shots and can choose to shoot the same target (same points value) each time if they choose. I placed 3 questions into each question bank but if the quiz is returning the same question whenever you click on the same target more than once. I want to instruct the quiz to not select any question more than once. Is there a setting or instruction I'm missing?


Wanda Blackett

Hummm - that's a good question. Luckily I enjoy a good workaround puzzle :p

I'm assuming that you are using a variable to keep track of the score? Could you perhaps include conditions on your trigger when you go to a random question? I haven't used conditions yet in the Storyline universe, but I would imagine something should be doable.