How to control audio on slides

Dear Heroes,

Picture this: A set of new buttons on my project skin, a client's request. It looks like this:

Now the catch, the "music / sound" icon is supposed to control when one wants to play the sound on the slide or not. Problem: there are two separate audio files on the same slide. When the user clicks the button the audio is paused but then, a few seconds later the second audio kicks in...Can anyone help? Thanks!


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Josh Uhlig

You can place the sounds on separate layers and use triggers to "Show" the appropriate layer when needed.  It sounds like you would attach the triggers to the music/sound icon.

This is how I would set it up:

  1. Create a new layer and insert the initial audio to the timeline of this layer.
  2. Create a trigger on the base layer to "show" the above layer when the timeline starts.
  3. Create a second new layer and insert the second audio on the timeline of this layer.
  4. Add a trigger to the music icon on the base layer to "show" the second new layer when the user clicks.

This will cause the first sound to stop and the second to start.  If you want a delay between the 2 sounds, you can move the second audio to begin later in the timeline.

Ernesto Gutierrez

Hi Leslie,

Yes, he is! Many thanks indeed! Unfortunately his solution does not apply to my query.

Now my query is: Is it possible that a built-in button controls all audio, I mean, there are over three pieces of audio, on a slide so that they are either, played, paused or stopped and the user may only read?

This is because a client of mine wants his courses to have internal navigation and comply with handicapped regulations. Here is what I am working with: By the way, it's in Spanish, though! I attach my file in this message.

I look forward to reading from you,