How to control location (x,y) of an image with a trigger?

Greetings -

I have a activity whereby I would like the user to be able to click a button and return a draggable image to it's original position on the slide. 

I see three ways of (potentially) doing this. Have the trigger:

1) Change the image's x,y coordinates

2) Restart the slide 

3) Move the slide playhead to 0

Since none of these are built in triggers, I am thinking that javascript is the way to go, however, I am unsure of what the variables (??) are for these controls. (I really don't even know JavaScript nor programming, but if I can at least find out how to control one or any of these things, then I can go from there.)

Am I confused? Does this make sense? Any ideas?

Thank you!


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Amy Nicholson

Hi Wendy -

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I do know about that function, and use it (for another activity). This activity allows the user to explore an image with a stethoscope (nursing students). There really isn't a correct or incorrect location. I fear that the stethoscope image will get lost in the body image, so wanted an option to click a button to return the stethoscope to its resting/original location. 

Thanks again,


Kyada Queen

Hi Amy,

I was wondering if you found a solution to your stethoscope project.  I had a similar scenario, using a magnifying glass over items to "zoom in," but haven't figured out how to drag/drop the image without it locking up.  I tried using "magnified" layers, but even with multiple variables, I couldn't maintain user control of the image (as closing the layers seemed to interfere with the hover states that opened the layers).  Any discoveries?