How to control Text to speech (TTS)

Hello everyone,
I have made a first small test project in SL and have it tested by various stakeholders.
The most recurring comment I receive is part of the text to speech part. Goes too quickly and not always clear. I myself also find very few possibilities to have controle over TTS. Except by inserting infinitely many spaces or empty lines.
I have 2 questions:
Do you have tips and tricks to better control the TTS?
Do you use external tools for TTS and if so which ones are good?
Thank you

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Dave Neuweiler

Give Audacity a try. It's a free audio-editing program that's really powerful and feature-packed. (

There's an effect called "Change Tempo" with which you can slow down (or speed up) a narration file without changing the pitch of the voice.

You can experiment with a single file to determine what percentage of the original tempo (say, -10%) sounds right to you, and then you can load multiple files and apply that effect to all of them at once.

Once done, you can export the multiple files as a batch, saving a lot of time.