How to convert a PPTA to a .wav or Mp4


I'm updating a course that was developed by a vendor using Presenter. They sent over the source files which included PPTs and PPTAs (which I assume are audio files). I tried to open the PPTA files using Storyline and the files are not supported.  How do i access the files if I do not have the Presenter product? Is there a file converter that i can use? Note that I'm not interested in the PPT slides.... I'm only interested in obtaining the audio files.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tye,

You can import a Powerpoint presentation into Storyline using this method. It's also important to note, if a PowerPoint presentation includes Articulate Presenter attachments, the attachments will not be imported into Storyline when you import the presentation.

However, you can still add the attachments to your Storyline project.  Click here to learn how.