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Holley Berley

Hi there,

Are you working in Rise360 or in Storyline?

If in Rise, the first button on the intro page can be changed to say "Click Here" in Settings>Labels.

You can also add interactive buttons in Rise (you can change the text in the edit view).

If in Storyline, you can add a button via the top ribbon, and type whatever text you wish.  You'll need to add a trigger to link it to where you want it to go in your project.

Holley Berley

Yes that is created the way I demonstrated in the screenshot above.  "View the demo" is just text (not clickable), and then they added a hyperlink (chain-link icon in the screenshot above) next to it. 

On the Insert Link popup, you put the URL of wherever your portfolio is, and then you type the text that you want to be clickable (i.e. Storyline 2 Interactive Template) in the "text to display" box.  Here's how it'll look:

View the demo: Storyline 2 Interactive Template