How to create a Content - Quiz loop, so students are forced to pass a quiz or keep reviewing topic content

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to develop a quiz and I’m having difficulty implementing what I need.

In my desired scenario/ use case the student will study a topic - i.e. topic 1.

But before they start the topic, as some students may already be familiar with topic 1, I don’t want to make them to re-sit the entire topic 1 content so I will give them an option / button to skip topic 1.

If they choose to skip topic 1 they will be directed to topic 1's quiz, (which is the quiz all students must take at the end of topic 1 anyways in order to move on to topic 2), I have implemented this in articulate already.

If the student passes this quiz(scores >80%) on topic 1 then they are directed to topic 2 but if they fail(<80%) then they are directed to topic 1 content as they need to review topic 1.

I need the student to under take the whole quiz and not see any individual question feedback (I have been able to do this also in storyline).


Once they have attempted all questions then I want the result page to just output their result (which I have been able to do also).

Then at this point if the student has > 80% score I want to direct them to the next topic (this has also been achieved).

But if they score <80% then I wish to re-direct them back to the original topic 1 content and they will re-sit the quiz again after they finish reviewing topic 1 content.

They will be in this loop of reviewing content and taking the quiz till they pass the quiz. (I have been able to do this in articulate by using triggers and jumping to the appropriate slides).


The issue I’m having is that whenever the student re tries the quiz even when I choose to re-set the slide to initial state and other suggested options, the questions do not get re-set and to make it worse matching type questions and drag drop question, etc. when they show in the re try quiz they load with the correct answers displayed on the slide next to the question values.

 Can you please suggest how i can stop these questions from displaying answers to students.





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Hi Emily,

Thanks for getting back to me. I can confirm that I do have a "reset results" trigger, which sits before the "jump to slide" trigger in the slide.

I’m new to Storyline so i might just be making a basic fundamental mistake, but in what i understand so far, the "reset results" trigger will reset the users previously scored result so that for example if they scored 50% in the last attempt it will be reset to accommodate their new incoming score on the second attempt, which works as expected and the user gets a new score every time, assuming they score differently every time.

I suppose the question is - does this trigger also re-set the question slides for the user, because even though I have a "reset results" trigger before my jump trigger in place on the second attempt of the quiz the drag and drop question slide doesn’t shuffle its answers ( I have selected “Shuffle answers” in the “Questions Tools - Design”), and what is happening is instead of shuffling the drag objects on second attempt of the question, it places the drag objects right next to the correct drop points(almost as if it had a default option to show correct answer on second attempt).

This is the same for matching drag and drop question slides, on the second attempt the display the correct drag options next to the drop options.

I have tried changing the slide properties in the Story View for these slides, I changed the “When Revisiting” options and tried all of them but still get this same result.


Emily Ruby

Hello Moses!

If you  find that the answer choices on individual question slides don't reshuffle when you retry a quiz, this is a known issue. It'll be fixed in the next software update for Articulate Storyline. Enable the Check for updates at startup feature to be notified when the new update is available.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Craig!

Are you having difficulty with this? We corrected the issue mentioned here in Update 5:

In some cases, you may find that answer choices on individual question slides don't reshuffle when you retry a quiz. This issue was fixed in Update 5 for Articulate Storyline. See this article for more information.