How to create a diagnostic quiz/survey

Hi there, I hope someone can help me with this question as I can't find an answer by conventional searching.

I am trying to create a diagnostic quiz that will ask the learner a series of multiple choice questions. But rather than a simple correct/incorrect feedback, the quiz would compile whether they answered mostly a, b or c and display a result at the end of the quiz like: your answers indicate you are mostly a b type personality.

Is this within the capabilities of Storyline? I hope my question makes sense, I am happy to expand if not.


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Brett Rockwood

You could definitely do something like this with a bunch of variables that count how many times a) or b) or c) were selected. Just thinking off the top of my head you'd need a nember variable for each choice, a, b, or c. Then for each answer choice you would just adjust the variable selected by adding 1 to it. On the Results slide you display the total of all the varibles. Definitely can be done.

Emily Ruby

Hello Tamar!

Welcome to the community. If you are using a multiple choice question, you have the option of adding points by choice. You could set the A's to all 10, lets say the B to all 5 and the C to 0.

then you could update the results slide to show a certain layer A, B, or C personality based on how may points they pick. Just another option to look into :)