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Greg Faust

If I understand correctly, your question is part technical, part content.

Content-wise, you'll have to make some judgment calls: There's a magic balance between showing enough info and boring your audience to tears.

Below is a screenshot of a "Quick Guide" slide I created for use at the beginning of my presentations. I added the purple box to show what I actually see in the editor; the stuff around it is the Storyline player.

This isn't exactly what you need, but I think it represents a good design mentality: The learner sees an easy-to-skim static image.

To create this, I did the following in Storyline:

  1. Grabbed an example image from another slide (the mountain)
  2. Added arrows (and, in two cases, circles) using the Insert -> Shape tool
  3. Added text boxes describing the various objects
  4. Formatted the text boxes with a solid tan background and red outline
  5. Adjusted positions and formatting of everything until I was satisfied with the result
  6. Went into Player Settings to add a Help button to the top right; set that button to bring up this slide (2.1) as a Lightbox. In this way, the learner sees this at the start of the presentation, and they can pull it up at any time.

I expect you could do something similar: With arrows, circles, and text boxes, you can mark up a picture of your object with helpful information.

Does that help?