How to create a leader board that automatically updates results?

Good Morning Heroes, 

I am wondering if there are any features available in Storyline that allow me to have a leader board slide displaying quiz results for all users at the end of a game as up to date as possible.  So for instance, I have my learners enter their name at the beginning of the "quiz" and track their results.  But I'm not a programmer so I don't know if I can automatically update a list with user name and scores like a leader board.  The only thing I can think of is to add a web object linked to a page I manually update with results.  This of course would only be updated as I can keep up with it during the day/week.

Any ideas?  We are trying to really hone in on sales enablement the first half of this year, and what gets sales moving like a little competition!


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Michael Hinze

One option may be to use a GoogleDocs spreadsheet to track and display the results. This options does require some programming, see here for info:

And here is an example that uses a GoogleDoc to capture and display user 'votes':

Michael Hinze

Kristin Shantz said:

Michael - This is a fantastic example!  Thank you so much for sharing.  I wasn't searching for the right terms this morning when looking thru the forum.  I'll need to review this a bit to understand how I add the script and such, but I am hopeful. 

Thanks again for the great links!

Kristin, I had written a short blog post to go along with the example, that might provide about more info, see here:

Steve Flowers

I use a little different method to define the endpoint. This lets me define the field targets as I like, rather than the odd names the forms like to apply. This lets me hit the endpoint and send data fields using GET or POST labeled as I have them in the spreadsheet. Works great. value&another-field=another value

** Note this one won't work since my spreadsheet doesn't contain those field headers.

Probably a really similar mechanism to the Form endpoint. Couple of reasons I like deployed web app scripts better. First, more flexibility in what you want it to do. If you want to have it mail the user once they enter their address, you can script that in (within limits as you have a daily limit to the number of emails you can send). You could also retrieve spreadsheet row values as JSON if you work some script MOJO.

It's also less guesswork as the field names are defined in the header of your spreadsheet.

You can find some documentation on how to setup the endpoint here. From there, the AJAX script used above will work just fine.