How to create a player to run screen recording in html file without seekbar, and other navigation buttons

Feb 10, 2016

Hi there

I need to create a 'how to' video for  new intranet interface.  I'm using the screen recording tool to create the file - but would like to publish it in a clean player - so it looks a bit like a video skin.

Can anyone suggest how I can do this please?

Thanks, Angela


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angela,

The other thought if you don't want to look an having an entirely chromeless player, you could also look at the slide specific player settings you could remove for an individual slide where the video is embedded. It wouldn't necessarily be as seamless but wanted to share the other options with you as well. 

Angela Gantert

Thank you Matthew :)

I've made the background white (I couldn't work out how to make it transparent) but I still have space around the area of the screen recorded where the items I've hidden on the player were located.

When I re-size the story size it also re-sizes the recorded area - and there's no way to 'crop' it so all I see is the recorded screen.

I don't know if this is possible - although I think I achieved something similar using Articulate Presenter a few years ago.

If it were possible to even centre it on the screen, or put a border around the area I've recorded that would work.

Thanks very much for your help.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angela,

Perhaps an image and building the screen recording yourself would work better - but your screen recording if inserted as a "step by step" would be included and appear as a part of your background as well. As such you can't crop it or move it on the screen, which is likely why you're seeing it become resized once you've removed your player elements. 

If you're still looking for other options or ideas, you're welcome to share a copy of the .story file here so that folks in the community can take a look at the set up and offer ideas around that. 

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