How to create a story with a slide that directs users to other parts that must all be completed?

Sep 19, 2020

I've been basing my stories off of PowerPoint presentations, so they've been almost entirely linear. I'd like to try something different that I've seen in HR trainings. I would like to have a slide that contains multiple images that represent different parts of a CPU. If someone taps one of the images, such as the Program Counter, they'd go through one sequence of slides, after which they would be returned to the original slide, with the Program Counter checked off or grayed out.

Would I implement this with a variable and scene (or sequence of slides) for each CPU part and with each image having three states: untouched, touched, and completed, or is there a better way of implementing this pattern?

I have learned all of the basics of using Storyline, so I don't need to be taught about hotspots or detecting taps. What I'd like to know is how people put everything together.


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ellen,

I would do exactly as you suggest, with a True/False variable to indicate section completion and a separate scene for each of the sections.

The main picture menu would be used to direct the user down the selected path and the variable would be changed when the button on the final slide of the respective section was clicked to return the user to the menu.

The value of the variable would then be used in whatever way you wished (e.g. tick mark or greyed out), to indicate that the particular section had been visited and the state of all of the variables could be used together to then advance to the next slide once all sections have been visited.

Walt Hamilton

There is a sample that shows how I put it together in this discussion:  It shows three different ways to progress through the content, Restricted Navigation (must visit content sections in order before ending), Free Navigation (may visit content in any order, and leave at any time), and Mixed navigation (may visit content in any order, but cannot leave until all content is visited.)  I think you will probably want the Mixed method.

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