How to create a "teeny-bopper magazine"-style quiz

Nov 07, 2012

Hello! I need to be able to create a multi-question quiz wherein the user can choose one answer out of five options for each question without there being a "correct" answer. The answers that they choose have to be kept track of, however, as they will be used to determine the user's preference based on the consistency of their answers towards a particular profile. The best example of this is the sort of quizzes that they have in teeny-bopper magazines where each answer that you could choose is related to a category (say, A, B, C, & D) where A means you are a good girlfriend, B means you're a so-so girlfriend, C means your boyfriend should dump you, and D means you should go to jail. I hope you know what I'm meaning!

I'm a pretty proficient Storyline user and build many of my interactions from scratch but I'm not sure how I can create this without it requiring a "right" answer or having it require a hundred slides to have separate branching slides for every single combination of answers that a user could possibly choose. Would this be better achieved using variables? (I would need the entry values to be restricted to A, B, C, D, or E or 1-5 and I don't think this is currently possible within Storyline, is it?) There will be a minimum of 6 questions (slides) for this quiz.

I was actually requested to make this quiz a "ranking" exercise so that every question would have the user rank their preferences in order from 1 through 5 but I don't see how the grading would work on that one, unless there is a way to give a separate value to the user's top two or three selections. I feel that it would be better to give a letter value, if possible, as numerical values could cause erroneous results, with two answer values of "3" equalling the same as a "5" and a "1".

I'm pretty confused right now about how I am going to achieve this result, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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If I understand what you are asking, instead of a quiz what about simply slides with radio buttons on them.  Use 4 variables a-d.  1 gets added to whichever variable is chosen by the radio button and at the end you can determine how many a's, b's, c's, or d's were picked. 

I attached a draft for you if it helps.


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Na it was a suggestion - have just done something similar and had looked at the thread for pointers.

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