How to create a view the next item button?

I am not sure how to best do this.  At first it seemed simple, but now maybe not so much!  I have an arrow shape onscreen and I want to show a series of text boxes each time the learner clicks on the arrow.  Basically a “view the next item” function.  The previous  text box needs to disappear and the new one show up.  One way I thought of was when the click on the arrow, it was ‘silently replaced’ with another arrow and each subsequent arrow , via a ‘visited state’ could show different text, but I could not figure out a simple way to get the old text off the screen, and I quickly went down a rabbit hole.

Any ideas out there?

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Meryem M

Look at this example to see if it would work for you.  Basically I stacked 4 arrows, and sequentially hid the top arrow.  Each arrow has a trigger that reveals a text box and hides the previous text box.

The second slide unstacks the arrows and text boxes so you can see them hide and reveal easier.