How to create a wrapper AICC package which gets course content from external

Refer this link

My understanding is we can download the AICC package from LinkedIn Learning and upload to an external LMS. They said "All LinkedIn Learning content is hosted and viewed on" which mean the downloadable AICC package is just a wrapper package and its content is hosted on, is it right?

If yes, please advise how to build a wrapper package likes that.

We want to create a wrapper package for our client CMS but the content still hosted on our server so we can control course's update and expiry.

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Joseph Francis

Because they can exist on different domains (unlike SCORM courses, which must be on the same domain as an LMS), AICC courses can be stored on a "course server" while the rest of the LMS is run from an "application server." The key are the 4 course structure files:

  • AU - Assignable Unit
  • CRS - Course Description
  • CST - Course Structure
  • DES - Descriptor

These files define the structure of your course, so that an LMS can deliver and track the learner's progress in it, even if the course is on a different domain. Complete documentation can be found here:

Download the CMI001 - AICC/CMI Guidelines For Interoperability PDF, and scroll to page 206 (8.4 Course Structure Data Model Mapping). The purpose, structure, and layout of each of the 4 files is discussed there.

In the AU file, the "file name" field is where the URL to where the course content is stored (on your server) would be entered, e.g., http://yourServerName/courseFolder/index_lms.html. Once done, you would ZIP up the four files and deliver that to your client.

Expect PLENTY of trial and error. 😉