How to create an animated circle?

Nov 11, 2016


I would like to create an animated circle so it looks like someone is drawing it on the screen.  This would be used to bring attention to a particular section of the screen like they do during a football game.  Does anyone know how to do this?


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Richard Hill

Hi Melanie. Get a graphic of a hand with a pen for starters.  Make sure the background is transparent. Import it into Storyline, select it and give it an animation path(circle) adjust the timing to be about .75 sec.   Place it on stage where/when it starts the circle draw. Drag the ends of the graphic on the timeline bar to start and end so that it lasts about  1.75 sec.  Then also give it an entrance and exit animation (fly in - bottom right) that have durations of .5 secs .  That should do it.  Hope this helps.

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