How to create an effective assessment strategy -- Storyline Demo

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Background: Our course developed using Storyline on "How to create an effective assessment strategy" is intended for Instructional Designers globally. The learner group is focused but they may come with varied experience. The objective of the course is to provide the required inputs in a form that they can be easily applied. 

  • Previously, we had developed the course using Articulate Presenter for Flash delivery.  The new course highlights how we can migrate (with a different strategy) from an existing Flash course to HTML5. It also demonstrates our capability to map an existing Instructional Design strategy to the new tool's strengths. While maintaining a significant component of re-usability; we have uplifted the interaction levels using Storyline.


Delivery: The course can be run seamlessly in a Desktop / Laptop as well as iPad + other Tablets (It’s a single-build for multi-device delivery).


Learning experience: To enhance learner engagement, we have used interactive and engaging strategy featuring customised interactions (rather than traditional button click and learn). 


  • Since the course is on determining the right assessment strategy; we have used Q&A format for several learning elements.
  • The concept of mind mapping has been implemented in the recap screen. This provides the learners with a pictorial representation of the information acquired in each topic. It serves as a visual indicator of the completed learning and helps them assess their progress (about which learning objectives have been met).

Visual strategy: The design approach for the content screens is to use full screen images so that support the concept and engage the learners. 


User Interface: We have tweaked the interface design to appear to offer functionality similar to Flash courses. With our custom approach, we have used player controls like Menu, Back and Next, Exit and other essential controls.

  • A customisation that must be highlighted is the Menu option. In the default interface, menu option looks very small and has a readability issue. Hence, we have customised the menu option by using a Visual Menu approach that uses "milestones" to highlight the journey covered by the learner.

Templates: The course uses almost all the different templates available in the tool. However, we have used the default template and slightly customised them to create an enhanced learning experience. 


  • We have also explored how we can use a template in a slightly different context (rather than its obvious usage) by making subtle changes to ideation. This approach allows us to avoid effort on customisation and use the standard templates for a different learning outcome.


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  1. Awareness
  2. Compliance
  3. Skill enhancement
  4. Attitudinal/Behavioral change
  5. Application simulations

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