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Jul 29, 2019


I am trying to replicate a toolbar where you click icons on a toolbar and speech bubbles appear to describe features. I know how to do this with triggers, the issue is the user has to click on the icons from left to right. If user clicks randomly, or from right to left, then bubbles appear out of order and appear in association with the wrong icons.

I realize i can just keep adding tons of negative triggers so that eventually, I will have the result I want, but this seems too labor-intensive, or could possibly result in triggers canceling each-other out. 

Is there an easier way (possibly using conditional variables (which I have not worked with yet)? I don't want to have to tell the user to click from left to right - seems rather unprofessional.

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Deirdre Sherman


I don't think I understand. Can you be a little more specific? I set the captions all to Hidden with triggers changing them to Normal when user clicks X, etc.   How do you add a caption to a State? From what I know about states, you create an object and then assign a state to it, such as Hidden or Normal. But I am still relatively new to Storyline. 

Deirdre Sherman

I guess i still don't understand how you would make a screen shot appear/disappear when user clicks on a button without creating a trigger to tell it to do so. In my example, user is clicking a button to see a caption AND also a screen shot of what it looks like once the button is clicked. So each time a user clicks or hovers over button, two other objects appear then have to disappear. 

Jerry Beaucaire

Phil is say that you can think of each "state" in an object as another kind of "layer".  A new state starts out as a copy of the state that was selected at the moment it was created.  Once it is created and highlighted, you can edit the state onscreen and add as much content to that state as you want, just like you can in layers.  You can even create text boxes/caption boxes inside that state.  You can make the main object image completely different.   You can add a mask in the background of that state to dim out all the other objects onscreen.

They've made states a very useful clickable environment.

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