How to Create Audio-Only Version of Module

Nov 01, 2013

Hi.  I have an 8-module course.  I would like to produce an audio-only version of this that I could burn onto a CD, where each module as a separate audio track.  I know I can do this in a very lengthy procedure of manually assembling each slide's audio segment into one big segment.  But it seems like there should be a simpler way to do this, like using a tool to capture the entire module audio as it plays.  Do you know of a method for this that you would recommend?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Richard! Looks like you are looking for a recommendation on an outside product and I do not have anything that I could recommend nor am I aware of any other users that have mentioned doing so. I hope that you would submit your thoughts in the form of a feature request so that our development team will know your wishes. Good luck in your search and hopefully someone in the community will be able to assist you.

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