How to create forward/rewind buttons?

Jan 09, 2013


Is there a way to crete buttons that I can jump to a specified point in the timeline as we do in flash with the keyframe labels?

I want that the user can jump forward and backward in the timeline (without using the bar in the player)


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Juanjo,

You could use layers and triggers to do something like this.

For example instead of having a 1 min slide with back and forth dialogue, I place each "line" to a layer, then create a trigger to jump to the next layer when a)timeline stops and b)when user clicks or presses a key.

You could do something similar in this case by treating your layers as keyframes, right?

Hope it helps,

Juanjo Haro

I understand... jumping between timelines, isn't?

Actually, in my flash, the labels are "salto1", "salto2"... In this way, i can have a common button for forward and and jumping by adding the number to the name by actionscript. 

Can i use a single button changing dinamically the label to go? Some kind of "goto "layer"+variable+1" where "variable" is created by the layer active, so if you're in the layer1 the next jump will be layer2...

Thanks for answer

Alexandros Anoyatis

Yeah, that's right.

There's a couple of ways you can do this. 1. is doing what you described in your reply, or 2.(if your scenario needs to go back and forth more than a layer deep) you could create a "router" layer (which would be blank) and create all relevant "goto-layer triggers" there.

Leah Lopez

Perhaps this will help.

You can set triggers on the first slide layer that will serve as your "go to" or cuepoints to take you to other layers, such as a button. Have the button appear at whatever point in the timeline necessary and set a Show Layer trigger to that particular button.

Or perhaps a Home Button/Icon to reset the course or the current page might be easiest... I often do this to allow the user to navigate through the course at their own pace. 

Hope this helps