How to Create Interactive Videos

I inquired about this a few weeks ago, because the written "How To" I found was incomplete. I was referred to a video tutorial that was far and away better. I followed along with the video, but set mine up to stop automatically at the cue point, as opposed to leaving it up to the user to click on an icon . It went to the new layer perfectly, but when I exited, the video did not resume. I tried to add another trigger, but didn't get the options I needed (i.e. resume). What am I doing wrong? Also, is the video lesson available in written form? It's inconvenient to have to review the whole video each time I want to recall a step. Since interactive videos are extremely popular, I'm sure others would like this, as well. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ron Price

Hello Diane,

The easiest way to do this is to just have your layer appear at a certain time on the timeline or cue point.  Set your layer properties to pause the timeline of the base slide.  Then you really only need a trigger to show the layer (which pauses the video automatically) and then another trigger on the layer to close the layer, which resumes the timeline of the base (which resumes the video).  This is assuming your video is on the base layer.  If your video is living on a different layer, then you will need to use variables for this to work smoothly.  I have attached a quick sample built this way

Diane Jacques

Thanks! I've attached my file, which incorporates the same triggers and layers as your sample. However, as you will see, the video does not pause, but continues running. Is there anything you can see in mine that would cause this? Again, thanks for taking the time to help me out!