How to Create Menu minimize?

Dear All,

I have created a sample presentation for my training purpose. When i am review my output, i had one problem on my published file. I that template player, menu area will occupying one-third side. So, i want to know, how to create a menu minimize option in that template. I tried my level knowledge on my experience. But i am not able to find out the way for this issue.

Please anyone help me, to solve this issue.

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Annie Jean

Hi Palani and Welcome to Heroes,

Sorry to say so but I don't know any way to minimize the panel on the side.

But, If I had to do it and didn't need the logo panel on top of the menu, I would probably just move my menu to the top bar.

That way, the menu is showing only when the learner clicks on it.

Hope it may help. Don't hesitate to post back if you need further information.

Have a nice day and welcome again!


Geert De Rycke

Hi Palani,

What any proposed is a good solution, Moving the Menu item above your slide will free up  1/3 of your screen.

Moving the menu above your slide can be done in the player.

if you need a logo you can always put it on a master slide, so you can put it wherever you want

This is the player configuration screen

With the arrows, move the menu to the Topbar Left

The player preview will refresh each time you click the arrow. Finally the preview should look like this

Please bear in mind that when you tick the logo icon, you will loose 1/3 of your window again. Therefore I would use a masterslide if I need to display a logo?

If you want to alter your menu, then click on the menu in the tool bar and the meny editing window will opene

Hope it helped


Palani Velu

Hi Geert,

That Great!

Really its was help to me. And i am very cleared about your explanation.

I am having some more doubts. Kindly help me this also.

On my published output. When i am opening on my android tab,

  • Background image was missing, (which one i had placed on my master slide).
  • Output file is not wrap to the window. It's making me to time waste to swap to bottom for an next button. How to warp the screen to an any optimize screen size.
  • Flash animation is not displaying on the android tab.

Notepad button

  • How to add notepad. Because, this will help to user has take a important point able to type.

I hope, so many experience trainer are here. Openly i am saying, i am a fresher to the articulate storyline.  Anyone help me on this,  to clear my above issues.