How to create multi-result slides?

Hi guys,

I created a test story file with three scenes. The first two had one content page, and two questions, and a results page. Each results page was set to loop using varaibles until all questions were answered correctly, then a custom button on the Success layer moves the user to the next scene, and they go through the same process.

I set the final Results slide on Scene Three to 'Combine points from each quiz' and it was set to 100%.

There are no variables next to the Your Score and Passing Score text boxes. Firstly, is this the right way to set this up? Secondly, how do I combine variables? I tried doing '%Results1.ScorePercent%+Results2.ScorePercent%% but that just gave me 100+100.

And thirdly, how does this impact an LMS when submitting the results? I assume it would submit the first result of 20 (2 questions), then overwrite this with the second result of 20, and finally the final results page should combine the results and submit 40. Is that how it would work?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason,

You can't add triggers or adjust the built in Storyline variables. The final results slide should be set to combine the results from the two other results slide, and display that information automatically and then that is the only information that will be reported to your LMS as Storyline can only track one SCO. There are some methods mentioned here if you need to track more than one result. 

If the information is not displaying on your results slide, you can add in those variable references again using the insert Textbox and then ensuring you list the correct variable reference inside the %   % - likely if you have three results slides the one you're looking for is Results3.ScorePercent.

If you're still experiencing some difficulty it may help if we're able to see your .story file and how you've got things set up.