How to create PP animations in Storyline on click, w previous, etc

Mar 12, 2014

How can I recreate PP animations in Storyline. For example, if I have a slide with 5 bubbles, how can I make each appear on click one at a time (or with previous). I don't want them to appear automatically with the timeline feature.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Amelie,

To illustrate what Phil is saying.

Re: "Either set them to hidden and user triggers to change their state when you click"

Click on a bubble, then click the states tab, then click the Initial state drop-down and change to hidden

"or add them to layers and set triggers to show the layers when you can change layers to not hide other layers on the layer properties dialogue."

Click the gear icon beside the layer, then remove the checkmark from the Hide other layers checkbox

I've attached a file with 2 slides showing both methods. I created a number variable and called it "clicks"

On the Hidden bubbles slide

  • All bubbles have an initial state of hidden
  • A trigger adds 1 to the ClicksVariable each time the user clicks the button
  • Additional triggers change the state of hidden bubbles as the clicks count up.

On the Bubble Layers slide

  • There is one bubble on each layer
  • The first trigger adjusts the ClicksVariable back to 0
  • The next trigger adds 1 to the ClicksVariable each time the user clicks the button
  • The bubble on the base layer has an initial state of hidden
  • The first trigger changes the state of the button on the base layer to normal when the user clicks the button
  • Bubbles on other layers have an initial state of normal
  • Additional triggers show these layers as the clicks count up.
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

I haven't seen a lot of other examples or thread where users were triggering animations or elements with a wireless clicker - and I don't have one to test it out with. Have you tried to set the triggers up using the right and left arrow key and then seeing if the clicker (which normally acts as a left to right arrow in terms of advancing a slide in Powerpoint)? 

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