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Brian Allen

It sounds like you're possibly working in an environment where students will be accessing the course via kiosk or on shared computers?

Is there any resume data being sent? For example, do you need students to be able to restart where they left off, or will students be restarting on the first slide of the course every time?

If they will be starting on the first slide then you can add triggers to your first slide to reset those 2-3 variables each time the course is restarted.

How do your students exit the course? Do you have a custom exit course button that they use? If so, then you may have another option: When the Exit course button is pressed, clear your variable values before exiting the course.

Brian Allen
Rakesh Kumar

There may be 2 other options, 1 is Close the course from browser's close button or 2nd is exit button on storyline player.

I'm not familiar with any options to clear the variable values with these two scenarios. There *may* be an option that would involve javascript, but I haven't personally seen any.

If you need people to use an exit button on the player, you might cover that in course navigation instructions at the beginning of the course. Some people will pay attention and do it, some won't.