How to create shortcut keys for player nav?

Dec 19, 2012

How do I create a shortcut key in SL so that users can simply click the Next (--&gt arrow on their keyboard instead of having to click the Next button with their mouse?

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Laura!

Take a look at the master slide in the attached file. I created 2 buttons off the stage in the master slide. To these buttons, I added triggers with "key listeners" for the arrow keys. Quick and easy.

If you need custom navigation (like if the next button goes to a particular slide) there's another method you can use to proxy the master slide trigger. That's a little complicated. If your navigation is straight forward, this is the simplest way.

Laura Payette

Okay, I've run into a snag with this. I repurposed a SL file for use by our engineers who do face-to-face training. The idea was to create a PPT-like experience where all they have to do is push "Next" -- or in this case, the right arrow key on the keyboard.

The file works fine when I preview it, but when I publish it and run the .exe, the right arrow shortcut doesn't work! It works if you run the html file, but not the .exe. Why?

Here's the file

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Laura,

Looks like there are a few bugs with keys when projects are published to CD. I did look at the file you posted and I experienced the same thing. I saw a post about something similar with the Backspace key and it looks like something's blocking the key down event with projects that are run from the CD exe file. 

I may try looking at this a little more to see if I can get it to work with another key.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi again, Laura!

I did some testing with the arrow keys (specifically the "Right" and "Up" keys), but had no luck. If you intend to distribute the content for web and CD, you might want to use alternative keys for CD publishing (but you can keep the arrow functionality for web, as it doesn't seem to have this problem at all). It looks like it's an issue with specific keys. I did have luck with the "Page Down" key, perhaps you could have the navigation set to "Page Up" and "Page Down" for the CD version? 

If you'd like, I can test other keys as well. Just let me know!


Christine Hendrickson

No problem, Laura. I'll add the key(s) to the current bug report for the other keys we've found with the same issues.

I may try a bit more testing, just to see what other keys have functionality issues. This way, we know what to expect and what to tackle when we're working on a fix or at least when we're able to find out what's causing the limitations.

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