How to create Storyline 360 courses for mobile

Hello! I've been digging around looking for *how* to create and design mobile-friendly courses using Storyline 360. 

Currently, our "mobile-ready" courses have a player that adapts just fine, but the content and images don't.

Is there really no way to create truly mobile-ready courses in Storyline 360 (not Rise)? 

Thanks for any guidance!

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Heather!

The responsive player in Storyline 360 smoothly responds to various mobile screen sizes and orientations. Simply publish the course and let the player do all the work!

This resource covers everything you need to deliver mobile-ready courses, and this article outlines FAQs about the responsive player.

Also, I'm happy to explore more suggestions if you're comfortable with attaching a screenshot of the incorrectly resized content on mobile. You can share it privately by using this link or attach it publicly in your follow-up reply!

Heather Vogt

Hello, Katie!

Thanks for the response. I know how to publish mobile-ready courses and I understand the player is responsive, but I don't know how to practically design mobile-ready courses.

I've seen articles about best practices for content - for example, keeping content bite-sized and whatnot, but there aren't any tips for designing for mobile - like asset size. 

Let me poke around a bit more to see what I'm missing. Thanks for sharing the links!

Allison LaMotte

Hi Heather,

I think that's part of the difficulty of designing for mobile and why we've approached it the way we have (by making the player responsive) - there is no one perfect size. There are tons of different smartphones and tablets and therefore different screen sizes. I hope that makes sense! :)