How to Create Trigger to Go to Neighboring Previous Slide

Jun 26, 2013

Hi.  I'd like to set my slides so that clicking the "Prev" button on the player takes the student to the slide Normal 0 false false false ontGrowAutofit /> MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

sequentially just previous to that slide in the deck order.  However, the default "previous slide" in the trigger actions apparently assumes that action should take the student to whatever slide he previous was at.  So if I'm on slide 6 and I click slide 14 in the Menu, and then click the "Prev" button, the player takes me from slide 14 back to slide 6.  I'd like the behavior to be that clicking "Prev" in this example would take me to slide 13 (i.e., the slide just previous to slide 14).


The only way I can see to do this is by explicitly assigning each slide's "Prev" button to it's specific neighboring previous slide.  That's a bit tedious and introduces confusion when I want to rearrange or insert slides.  Is there a way to do this with a more general trigger?





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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rich,

Right, that's exactly how it's designed - to take the user back to the slide they came from before viewing the current slide :)

You're on the right track, setting up the trigger to a specific slide should do the trick. However, if you aren't required to allow menu navigation, you could simply turn that off. That way, you don't need to worry about users getting jumping back to a slide that you don't want them to view. Just a thought, though - it really depends on how you want the course to function. 

Richard  Crouse

Thanks Christine.  I guess I'll just set the triggers explicitly.  I can see how the way it's designed now could help situations here you want to give students options to dart around from one slide and easily get back to it.  But it would be nice to have an option like I'm describing.

Maybe another one for the suggestion box.

Thanks again.


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