how to create validation for question bank when they are blank?

we have question with multiple correct answers.

image 1: the first state - when question bank starts:

the Submit button is not available.

image 2: when you select each answers:

The Submit button is available for submit result.

BUT if I deselect the answer, the Submit button is still available to click, so that I can see which is the correct answer:

So now I want to create a validation for that, I means if user click any answer, the Submit button will be available but if they deselect all the answer, the Submit button will be disable again as the first state.

Does Articulate has validation option or we have to create trigger for that?

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Son,

Off the top of my head, creating a trigger in the form off "Change state of Submit Button to hidden when state of ALL OF tickboxes 1/6 is normal" and another trigger such as "Change state of Submit Button to normal when state of ANY OF tickboxes 1/6 is selected" should do the trick.

Hope this helps,