How to creating a how-to videos page


I have several dozens of how-to videos that I want to incorporate into one lesson. The result should be a YouTube alike page, with a clickable list of videos on one side of the screen and the selected playable video on the other side. Users may be able to play the videos by clicking on their name, all in the same screen.

Here's a simple layout to explain what I mean:

Any idea how to do that in Storyline?



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Michael Hinze

You can easily do this in one slide by using layers that hold the video objects. When you select a video on he base layer, the corresponding video layer is shown.

For my quick example, I used your layout. The links on the left are simple hyperlinks. I also put the links inside a scrolling panel, in case you need links to more videos that fit into the vertical space on the left.

You can adapt this basic concept, and 'make it look pretty'. Here is one more example of a video player that might give you some ideas:

Danny Weiner

Thanks Michael for the prompt reply.

Actually I have already created the buttons on the left, including their URLs. The thing is that this method opens a new window/tab on every click. Do think that there's a way to skip the multiple layers (as I will need more than 50) and use only a single layer/slide to play the videos, and pull the links from the pressed buttons? Maybe by using variables?


Michael Hinze

I don't know if you had a chance to look at my sample .story file. I call the video not in a web object (which, based on your description, is what you do), but use the video's embed code on each layer. This way, the videos are displayed inside the slide (not in a new window/tab). Having one slide and multiple layers (even if you end up having 50 layers on a slide) seems the easiest way to me. Alternatively, you could one slide with the video links and then one slide per video that is lightboxed, when a video link/button is clicked.

Meridith Litton

With several dozen videos, along with the related opening screens, etc., I do believe that you will end up with a file that will be a huge number of megabytes that will take a very long time to load if the videos are an integral part of the Storyline story.  You may want to rethink how you want the whole structure to work.  Web Objects may be your only solution.

If you do find a better way, please let me know, as I have broken some training into pieces because of the size the file was becoming.