How to delay Try Again layer

Is there a  way to delay the Try Mode layer from being triggered when the user clicks outside the hot spot until after a specific time on the timeline? 

For example, in Captivate very often (and in some courses with most slides) we have a bit of explanatory audio (sometimes with text boxes or graphics), and after that information has fully presented, then we have the hot spot become active.  So if the user clicks on something before the information is finished being presented, nothing happens.  Only after that information is presented, does the Try Again message show for an erroneous click.

I've gotten this to work by creating a true/false variable and a corresponding trigger that changes the variable when the timeline reaches a cue point.  The Show layer Try Again trigger was modified to: 

Can this done in Storyline without using variables?

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John Blum


Thanks for responding.

Whether the try again text box and button are covered or not, it doesn't change the fact that the try again layer is on top of the the layer that has the information or graphics or animations we want the learners to complete before clicking on the hotspot for that try mode slide.  Being that the try mode layer is on top of that layer, the try again text box and anything that covers it up (as you suggested) hides a big portion of that layer which has what we want the user to see.

Walt Hamilton

Short answer: no

If you want to do more than just very simple activities, SL needs to be able to remember what is going on, and using variables is the only memory it has. (some people try to substitute object states for variables, but it is more complicated, less reliable, and more limiting to do so.)

3 triggers 1 variable

1. Show layer "Review Material" when timeline starts on object = "Try Again Layer" if variable ReviewViewed = True

2. Set variable ReviewViewed = True when user clicks "I'm Done Button" on layer "ReviewMaterial".

3. Show layer "Try Again Layer" when user clicks "I'm Done Button" on layer "ReviewMaterial".

Here is a sample story that show the user review material before they retry the quiz.

John Blum

Appreciate your efforts, Walt, but I referring to try mode slides, not quiz slides. Plus, your way uses 3 triggers; mine uses one.  Why would I want to have to create 3 triggers per slide, when I can do it with one trigger?

In Captivate, the hotspot for try-mode slides is included on the timeline, so to delay the caption and hotspot until after the information is presented only requires repositioning on the timeline.  Now that we just got Storyline, I need to find a simple way to do the same.