How to delete Next button

Oct 28, 2017

I have created a drag and drop interaction on one slide and both the NEXT and SUBMIT buttons appear. I'd like to delete the NEXT button but I can't delete the trigger (the trash icon is greyed out).  

I've attached the file (called Cannot Delete Next Button). In the Triggers list, there are two line items. The first is the correct one, and the second is the one I can't delete (I've changed the variables to see if I can trick it into allowing me to delete it, but have had no luck).

I've attached another file (called Submit Button Only)  where the SUBMIT button is by itself, which is what I want. But can't figure out why this slide is doing what I want. but the other slide isn't. 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

you have the Next button ticked in the slide properties - if you uncheck that it will remove it from the initial view of the slide but it will probably appear if you have a 'review' button on your quiz slide (if it's included in a quiz/review).

The two line items were both for the submit button - you can delete the trigger that isn't greyed out.

Hope that helps.

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