How to deliver 1 SCORM package with multiple translations

Hi!  I'm wondering how to work with multi-language SCORM files. The client sent us over an English Storyline file and we translated into 7 languages. Normally we deliver back to the client an individual SCORM per language. However,  the client is asking us to deliver one SCORM package with all languages so when they upload this onto their LMS, it’s one package. Any help is appreciated! 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, AmyBeth,

When I've developed courses that were translated, the LMS administrators would load the separate SCORM packages. I'd give them one per language, like you usually deliver. They would connect all the packages as a curriculum. They'd set up the curriculum so that  users could pick their language, complete just that language, and be done. 

In other words, it's the responsibility of the LMS folks to connect the separate packages. Not yours. 

If they want one SCORM package containing multiple languages, that'd require putting all the versions into one Storyline 360 file, adding a way to choose a language at the start, and programming it to track whichever quiz is used (which is why it'd have to be in 360). And that, I assume, is way more work than you bargained for when taking on the translation job. 

I suggest you review all correspondence about the job. Ideally, your company's contract should explicitly state the deliverables (for example, "will provide separate SCORM packages for each language"). If that's not the case, look for any other communications that might state that. That would include emails and any info on the company website. 

BTW, your client may be new to this. They may not understand the capabilities of their LMS and/or may be confused about exactly what's needed. So, hopefully, you can guide them to a solution that works for everyone. 

Good luck!