How to determine the duration of the presentation

Is there a setting for this? I know that it will necessarily take longer for the learner to navigate the course than it will take for the material to be presented, but it would be nice to see how long the total timeline is before any learner interaction to give a baseline. I don't see how to figure it out, though, and I would prefer not to have to navigate the entire course with a stopwatch. Am I missing something? 

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Leah Hemeon

Hi Kate,

If you're looking for how long the entire Storyline project plays this information is available from the Publish settings window shown below. Is this what you're looking for? It's just a total of all of the slide times but I don't believe it includes the times for any layers you have included.

Bruce Graham


Here's the problem.

Let's imagine I have 20 slides, and you navigate from 1 to 20, simple.

Let's now imagine I create a Storyline course. It has a total of 5 routes from A to Z.

16 of the slides have 4 layers, 8 have 9 layers (some of which are optional).

There are a couple of Scrolling panels, and a hidden section if they get to a certain point.

Do you see the point?

Some organisations still rely on "time" as the measure - this then becomes a bit of an issue....

When you publish a course, there is an option to calculate, but it serves little point in the ever-increasing world of non-linear courses.

There have been several discussions on this, my preference is to see "completion" based on "learning opbjectives".


Leah Hemeon

I personally love Bruce's response. It's so true - many of us don't build linear courses so it's hard to calculate how long. Then you add in the "learner" factor and who knows how long one person is going to take to go through the course. I've had courses that take some people 10 minutes to finish (and demonstrate learning) and others took 60 minutes to achieve the same thing!

Bruce Graham

Kate B said:

Yup. However, I work in compliance, so in our presentations, we force navigation through all of the content, meaning that total length is actually a pretty reasonable estimate for minimum completion time.


Not sure it will be the same for you Kate, but in every "compliance" course I have ever created over the last 12 years or so, (and there have been a few), the requirement is actualluy to OFFER the training, not force people to CONSUME the training.

Once that is understood, a design freedom ensues, and the problem goes away. This may be a UK thing, but I suspect not.

If you are unsure it might be worthwhile checking for the actual requirement here.