How to disable object on slide until it need to be worked.

Jan 27, 2020

My project has 5 modules and each module has its own test. User can click any module they want to learn among five.

What i needed is that after they pass 5 modules they can go to final test. So how can I do that by using StoryLine3. 

Please HELP!!!

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Kelly Sheehan

I assume you have 6 buttons for each module and the quiz, if that is the case you need to setup 5 variables i.e.

Module1Done, Module2Done etc. These should be true/false variables and initially set to false.

On each end slide of the module you need a trigger changing the variable to true on start of timeline.I.e.

Module 1 end slide trigger = Adjust Variable Module1Done to true at timeline start.

Module 2 end slide trigger = Adjust Variable Module2Done to true at timeline start. etc etc.

Then on the slide where you pick which modules to go to you need to set the Quiz button initial state to disabled. Then add a trigger saying to change the state of the Quiz button to Normal on timeline start. You also need to add 5 conditions that say only if Module1Done = True, AND Module2Done=True, etc etc.

If your confused by what I have explained it would be easier if you attached the storyline file so I can set it up and you can see what I mean.

Kelly Sheehan

Hi there,

So I had a look at your lesson and have set it up so that when the first module compeltes the final quiz button is enabled. I also made it so that after 3 slides in module 1 it returns to the menu as again the questions were in another language and it would have taken too long.

I have left the other modules because there was a lot of questions and they are in a different language so would have taken ages to go through.

So briefly this is what I did:

  • Setup a variable called Module1Done that is true/false and set to false
  • Went to the last slide in Module 1 and added a trigger:
    • Adjust Variable Module1Done to True when timeline starts
  • Then on the slide with the Module and quiz buttons I added a disabled state to the Final Quiz button
  • Then I made the inital state of the final quiz button to be disabled
  • Then I added a trigger to the Final Quiz button:
    • Change state of Final Quiz button to Normal when timeline starts - Add condition: IF Module1Done = True

Have a look at the attached file and see if you can figure it out and apply it to the rest of the modules. Let me know if you get stuck!

thachakorn kokong

Hi, i tried, but still confusing because i need the "Final Test" button to enable when user pass 3 modules not when timeline starts.  For you to test i set module 1 all  choice A are correct, module 2 all choice B are correct and Module 3 all choice C are correct, no shuffle at all. 

one more thing that how come every time when i changed to Form View on quiz slide it would error all the time  and i had to close the software and open it again and again.

Thanks for your eager support!

Kelly Sheehan

Hi there,

I think I just haven't understood what you wanted to achieve. So you want the Final Test button to be enabled when all questions are passed.

So the first thing I did was to look at the results slides in your lesson and seen that you require an 80% pass percentage.

So I then set the trigger for the Final Test button to only change states to normal when the Results.ScorePercent, Results1.ScorePercent and Results2.ScorePercent were greater than or equal to 80%.

I have attached an update copy of your lesson, if you test it the Final Test button will only become normal when all 3 questions achieve an 80% or more pass mark. If you want to change this figure you wil have to alter the results slide percentages and also the trigger on the Final Test button.

Please let me know if you understand what I have done.

I am sorry I can't help with the crashing when changing to Form View, probably best to speak to someone in support about that. I could access form view with no issues when I opened your lesson.

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