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Steve  Galway

Here's an example using JavaScript that jumps to a new slide when the timer reaches zero. You can change the delay by changing the 'timeLimit' variable. 30 seconds = 0.5, 1 minute = 1, 2 mins = 2 etc. 

You should be able to make this work for your needs by changing the time limit to suit and also what is triggered when the counter reaches zero. I've included a button to show how you can cancel the timer. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there Aida!  Just another idea-  you may be able to extend the timeline beyond 10 minutes, and create a trigger for a pop up text box, or even another layer, to show at the 10 minute mark.  Within that text box, maybe they could have the option to return to the slide (hide text box or layer, and you can set a trigger to restart the timeline) or to move to the next slide.

You would also want to consider how the slide advances after 10 minutes, automatically or by the user.