How to display Exit button / link (from Player) only on the last slide?


I am curious how other Storyline users are handling the exiting of a course via the last slide? My client wants an Exit Course button on the last slide. It would be nice if in the Slide Properties I could simply select an Exit button along with the Prev, Next, and Submit button options, but one doesn't exist (see attached screenshot).

So, I'm left with creating a custom button that has to be added to the slide. When I do that, and leave the Prev button on the bottom of the player, it looks clunky (see attached screenshot). My client doesn't want to display the Menu at all, so I need to leave a way for the learner to navigate backwards on the last slide.

My next thought was to have an Exit link / button appear in the player BUT only on the last slide. There's already quite a few Player Tabs across the top, so this is why I only want the Exit tab to appear on the last slide. I worked with the conditional properties in the Player but couldn't make it display only when the last slide was visited. Any suggestions on this would be very helpful. 

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