How To Display Radio button Totals Without Clicking A Button

I'm new to working with variables and I've come a long way in trying to solve this problem. 
In the attached Storyline file, I have a series of radio buttons. A learner can select radio buttons for values of 0, 1, or 2 in each of three rows.
Along the right edge, I am displaying the current values of each row, and below them a sum of all three rows.

In theory, the sum value at the lower right can only be a number between 0 and 6. But, if the user clicks any of the radio buttons (for values 1 and 2) more than one time, the total keeps increasing to numbers larger than 6.

How do I alter this SL file so that the value at the lower right ALWAYS reflects the sum of the three values above it, without using a button that triggers a calculation?

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Andrew Crosby

Thank you SO much ... this really was a huge step forward in solving this problem - I learned a great deal by viewing your update of the SL file!

I ran in to one issue: If the learner selects a '1' or a '2', and then changes their mind and clicks the '0' button, the 'AddTotal' wouldn't reflect that update.

So - I added a new trigger to the 'zero' radio buttons that goes like this: (Example is for the first row of radio buttons) 
Subtract variable score1from AddTotal
  When the user clicks 1Radio Button_0
    If score1 > value0

That seemed to fix the problem. Or was that the best way to go about it?
I've attached the newly revised SL file.

Thanks again for your help!