How to display speaker notes using Storyline

Sep 19, 2013

Hi all.  Thank you in advance for your help with this issue.  

I imported a PPT file with standard corporate logos into Storyline and inserted my videos, a screencam, and related audio files.  All are working correctly when I publish.

However, the Notes pages from the PPT file don't display in my imported PPT file.  I would like to have some way to display the speaker notes to the learner after I publish my project--preferably in the right pane to the right of the slide display area.  My speaker notes (for the audio files) are in a Word document, and I was going to insert them in the Notes area in PPT if I can make the display appear.

Is there another way to make the speaker notes appear alongside the published content when I have audio?  I can use the PPT Notes pages if I know how to display them.  Please advise.  And this is URGENT!!!

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Mike Taylor

Hi Sudakshina! Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community. If you have text in the PowerPoint Notes pane and import that into Storyline you should see the text on the notes tab at the bottom next to the Timeline and States tabs. 

To display that in your published output go into the Player settings and check the Notes option under Player tabs. 

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